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New Year. New Travel Goals

New Year. New Travel Goals

 It’s the New Year which means new year resolutions, visions boards, and more than likely new travel goals. As I set my eyes on new countries and islands to conquer this year, I can’t help but to reflect on everything I’ve learned during my past travels. I decided to share a few Do’s and Don’ts when traveling; specifically, out of the country. Although I had to learn most of these the hard way, I have decided to share with my fellow jet setters in order to save ya’ll the troubles and inconvenience I had to face before coming up with this list. In no specific order, here’s a list of 10 Do’s and Don’ts to seriously consider before you set sail and embark on your travel journey.

1.  DO RESEARCH. This should go without saying and you’re probably like “Duh Jo” but I am not referring to your typical flight, accommodations, and activities search. This calls for you to dig deeper and research about the culture, safety, customs, and any upcoming events or religious holidays the country observes. For example, I found out that during my trip to Bali last March, the country would be observing the Religious Holiday Nyepi, also known as the Day of Silence where everyone including citizens and tourists abide by a set of local rules that brings all routine activities to a complete halt. Imagine not knowing that and still turning up to Migos and twerking in your Airbnb/hotel.


2. DON’T BE CLOSED-MINDED.  You’re going to another country for goodness sake; please don’t be ignorant. This is also the main reason why extensive research is extremely important. When you learn a culture and customs, it will make it easier to be open minded because you know what to expect, which will also save yourself and travel buddies a lot of embarrassment. Try new foods, experience new adventures, and just live a little. Dive in that mud bath in Costa Rica, sea walk on an ocean floor in Bali, and go to a market in Spain and try tapas you can’t even pronounce. Remember “When in Rome…”.

3.  DO CHOOSE YOUR TRAVEL BUDDIES WISELY. I cannot stress this enough. This literally goes hand in hand with my first two points. After researching all there is to know about the country, you have to now decide which friend is open minded enough to join you. Just like everyone has that friend to party with, work out with, or pray with, you must figure out which friend to take on your island trips and which friend to eat, pray, love with.


4.  DON’T DO THE MOST. This is something I struggle with and still learning to control. There’s so much to do, see, and experience when visiting other countries that one forgets to relax and or even factor in sleep. I realized how important down time is when I nearly missed my Private Yacht in Dubai, an exclusive tour in Barcelona, and slept through a sought over restaurant reservation in Mexico. This is all to say, please take a nap… even if its topless on an allowed beach, or in a cabana by the pool to avoid crashing or oversleeping and missing important reservations.

5.  DO LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Sis, please don’t drop your phone in the trees while ziplining to stunt for Instagram Live. My man, you bout to flip over your ATV because you trying to snap and drive in the desert? Cool.


6.  DON’T BE BORING/SCARED. Get off the damn resort bruh. Nothings happening to you. Go topless on the beach if allowed; why not? Jump off the boat!! “Time flies but memory’s last forever” Proceed with caution.

7. DO PACK A CARRY-ON BAG. Ok so in case you’re not hip to this, you’re supposed to treat your carry-on bag like an “in case of emergency” bag. Meaning, if for ANY reason your suit case gets delayed, goes missing, etc., you have your emergency kit to go. With that being said, you should always have toiletries, a change of outfit, and every important document you’re carrying in your carry-on. Trust me on this one.  

8.  DON’T OVER PACK. This is literally impossible for me and I regret it after every trip when I can’t stuff 4 bottles of Henny white & the souvenirs I purchased in my suitcase or realize I didn’t wear half of the pieces I packed.


9. DO DOWNLOAD MOBILE PASSPORT. Mobile Passport allows U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to use the app to expedite entry process into the United States. It is the first app authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for eligible travelers with a smartphone or tablet to submit their passport information and answer CBP inspection-related questions prior to the inspection. The app does not require pre-approval and is free to use. You're welcome

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